We are witnessing the development, perhaps, of the most grandiose international project of the 21st century, which is now unfolding in  Eurasia. And for the first time, a project of this magnitude is not the conquest of territories, but building bridges.

Forum of Mayors of the Cities of the Silk Road Countries “Global Silk Road” is a search for a new model of international cooperation and development on the basis of the continuation and development of the spirit of the Great Silk Road. 5 years ago in 2013, in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana city, during the speech at “Nazarbayev University”, Chairman of the China Xin Jinping proposed to the world community the initiative “One belt, one way” .

Kazakhstan has a sufficiently large potential of universally recognized and realized international projects, each of which represents a new milestone in the ascending trend image of the capital city of Astana.


This forum is a practical platform for implementation of various projects and initiatives in the areas of:

    1. Transport and Logistics
    2. Education and Culture
    3. Innovation and Technology
    4. Renewable Energy
    5. Waste Management
    6. Agriculture
    7. Tourism
    8. Other


Palace of Peace and Harmony, Palace of Independence 


Speeches and presentations by companies; discussions, workshops, project evaluation, business meetings, visits to companies and industrial zones, cultural program


  • Akimat of Astana City
  • International Secretariat G-Global


Experts, scholars and researchers, government representatives, chambers of commerces, embassies, commercial attaches, exporters, public authorities, the business sector in the areas of production, R&D, innovation, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, ICT, public-private partnership, trade, representatives of universities, public sector, investors, representatives of the media, entrepreneurs.

Outcomes and results:

  • Networking
  • Exchange of experience
  • Establishment of cooperation
  • Technology transfer
  • New projects

Additional Advantages

Based on the results of the Forum, it is planned to establish a Club of Cities Mayors, the Association of Businessmen, Universities, Journalists, Poets of the Silk Road Countries, as well as a platform of women’s and youth organizations.

The laying of the foundation of the architectural complex “Golden Bridge of the Silk Road” will be historic event, as a symbol of friendship from the world-famous Chinese art figure Shu Yun. The length of the bridge is 28 meters. Sculpture symbolizes the dream of creating a global community with a common destiny, common interests and shared responsibility.